How to Prevent Accidents in the Bathroom

It is reported that more accidents in the home occur in the bathroom than any other room in the
house. Whilst this may be surprising, the presence of water and electrical items make the room a
potentially very dangerous place. Here are a few tips to prevent accidents from occurring in the

Possible the most common cause of injury in the bathroom is slippery floors. People take a tumble
and can seriously injure themselves, particularly if they catch their head on the side of the sink or
bath on their way down.

Prevent these accidents by using a bath mat or rug with a backing designed to prevent slippages
and always quickly dry up any spilt water from baths, sinks or showers. Encourage your family to
dry themselves before stepping out of the shower or off the bath mat to really limit the amount of
water that gets on the floor.

When showering or running a bath, open a window or turn on a ventilation fan to avoid excessive
moisture build up that can condense on cold floors and surfaces.

In addition, use a rubber mat to prevent slippages in the bath tub and when installing a new tub,
look for one with a non slip, textured surface.

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