How do I claim maternity pay?

If you are employed by an employer and then become pregnant, you may be in the position to claim Statutory Maternity Pay from the employer. The employer will have processes in place which will detail how the payments will be made. In the majority of cases employees will be able to claim 12 months maternity pay, in the majority of cases it will be 6 months full pay and then 6 months half pay. Different organisations have different policies in place and this is worth considering.

In situation where statutory maternity pay from an employer is not applicable some people may be in the position to claim Maternity Allowance through the Jobcentre Plus.

Maternity Allowance is available to people who are employed but not eligible for statutory maternity pay, people who are registered as self employed and paying class 2 national insurance contribution or hold a small earnings exception certificate and to people who have very recently become employed or self employed. People may also be eligible if they have been employed or self employed for at least 26 weeks in a ‘test period’ and if they earned

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