How do I apply For A Blue Badge?

The Blue Badge Scheme is one which is operated by the Government and holds the purpose of providing people with severe mobility a badge which allows them to park their car closer to where they need to go. This scheme is operated throughout the UK and is operated by the local authorities throughout the country.

The blue badges which are supplied only apply to on street parking throughout the country. The badge holders also have the legal right to park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours in England and Wales, although in situations where there is a ban for loading or unloading, badges are not accepted for parking. Throughout Scotland there is not a time limit for parking on the yellow lines in Scotland. If there is a time limit in place badge holders must display their blue badge and also the blue parking clock which should the time at which they arrived. People who hold blue badges also have the authority to park for free and for as long as they need at on street parking meters and pay and display machines.
The Blue Badge Scheme does not operate at certain locations, this include off street car parks, private roads and at most airports. The scheme is also not fully accepted in the following areas City of London, City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and also part of the London Borough of Camden.

The blue badge should be displayed on the dashboard or fascia panel of the car where it can be clearly seen and read through the windscreen. The front of the badge should be facing upwards and showing the wheelchair symbol. If there are not parking concessions in place then the badge should be removed from the window. The time clock which is supplied with the blue badge is required to be shown when the car is being parked on yellow lines or in a Blue Badge parking bay that has a time limit. The clock should be set to the quarter hour period during which the driver arrived.
People who wish to apply for a blue badge can do so through their local authority. The process of receiving a blue badge is comprehensive to ensure that only those that truly need a badge receive one. Applicants will be asked to provide a large range of information and evidence. The evidence will include the medical reasons for needing the blue badge and a medical explanation may be required.

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