What Fees Should an Estate Agent Charge?

Most people who are selling there house will choose to use an estate agent; this is mainly due to the fact that selling houses can be very stressful and also as there are numerous legal factors to be aware of. An estate agent is hired to either sell a house or to let a house out to tenants.

The use of an estate agent should help to take away the stress of selling a house. Before committing to using an estate agent it is important to establish the fess that they will charge. There is not a fixed pricing structure that is used when it comes to estate agents fees and because of this it is important to look around. Some estate agents will charge for some things that others will offer for free. It is important to establish exactly what is included in the costs that are charged. The majority of estate agents will not charge for valuing a home, it is recommended that sellers to not pay for this service. Also the majority of estate agents will not charge for showing people around a property; after all this can lead to a property being sold or let out.

The advertising of a property is one of the biggest influences that leads to a property being sold or let out. Some estate agents may charge for the advertising of a property and some will offer this for free. This can be quite expensive and therefore it is advisable to find out how much this will cost if the estate agent doe charge. In such instances it is advisable to try and get fixed costs for this activity; this is especially important when a property is likely to be on the market for an extensive period of time. The most important fees that should be established from an estate agent relate to the commission that is charged when a property is sold. This commission will usually be sold on the sale price of a house.

Again, how this is charge is made is dependent upon the estate agent but it is important to establish this at the outset. Some estate agents will have a fixed fee of commission, this can vary between 2% and10%; this entirely dependent upon the estate agent. Some estate agents will have a variable rate of commission and this will be based on the price that they manage to achieve for a house.

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