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Yellow Weather Warning Issued For Sunday

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Aug 8th, 2014.

A yellow weather warning has been issued this Sunday, with the remnants of a hurricane expected to cause wet and windy conditions.

The yellow warning has been put in place for Sunday, where heavy rain is expected, with the warning issued for most of the UK.

The warning has been imposed as the remains of hurricane Bertha are expected to hit parts of the UK, however there is still a lot of uncertainty of the forecast.

The Met Office have released a comment on their website, stating: “The Met Office has been assessing the likelihood of the UK seeing any effects from Bertha by using our own forecast models alongside models from other world-leading forecast centres.

“At the moment southern parts of the UK look as though they are most at risk during Sunday, followed by areas of northeast Scotland on Monday. However, there is also the possibility that the depression could move across northern France as a weak feature.

“The transition of Bertha from a tropical to an extra-tropical feature is a particularly hard one to forecast but there is increasing confidence that this feature will affect the UK on Sunday, though with very large uncertainty remaining over the track and intensity.

“Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, said: “There is still some uncertainty surrounding this weekend’s weather, with the potential for heavy rainfall, strong coastal winds and large waves on Sunday. However, there is still a chance that the system may pass to the south of the country giving the UK a brighter day.

“”Rain and strong winds may well bring disruption, especially across southern parts of the UK, with the potential for more than 50 mm of rain and coastal gusts of over 60 mph.”

Anyone travelling to or holiday this weekend is advised to check the flood warnings in the area before setting off.

The rain is expected to carry over to Monday and Tuesday, however Saturday is set to be a clear, sunny and dry day; with highs of 20degrees.

We will be tweeting weather updates over the course of the weekend, so follow @wrexham to keep an eye on our Twitter feed this weekend.

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