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One Year After ‘Snowmageddon’

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Mar 27th, 2014.

Twelve months ago Wrexham was hit with some of the heaviest snowfall the town had ever seen. 

As a result of the snow, many schools were closed, bus services were stopped and many a snow man was built. Last year we had a number of people get in touch to say the snow had fallen through their conservatory roofs and in some parts of Wrexham the snow reached 18cm.

We liveblogged ‘Snowmageddon’ from the early hours of the morning and the updates were so successful they caused the website to temporarily crash due to the traffic! Below are just a small amount of the snow photos we were sent last year.


caution-snow (1)







At the same time as the heavy snowfall, Wrexham made it to the FA Trophy Final down in Wembley. Thousands of Wrexham fans quite literally ploughed their way through the snow in Wrexham to make it down to the big game.

Fans at Service Station


Back in February we did have a brief ‘Snowmageddon’, however this winter and spring have been considerably milder (if not wetter and windier) than last year.

This March however is a stark contrast to the heavy snow that featured so heavily in Spring 2013.

While there has been the expected rainy and chilly days, there has been a fair amount of sunshine and warmer weather this month. Outside our office on Yorke Street there is a grassy bank covered in daffodils. In fact last week we spotted one bloke that liked the daffodils so much, that he picked a bunch and gave them to his girlfriend as gift…!

St Giles

The view outside our office window today is a stark contrast to the image featured above

Yorke Street


While there have been a couple of snow forecasts for this month (even one predicted for today!) it would appear as though we have managed to escape a repeat of last year’s Snowmageddon. However if you want to relieve the Snowmageddon of 2013, you can read our March coverage here and here.

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