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Yale Lecturer In ‘Scratch Shoot Out’

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Oct 27th, 2012.

Yale College learners will gain professional tips from their nail lecturer Samantha Raybould who has been stretching her specialist skills in an annual international competition – ‘The Scratch Shoot Out’ – run by one of the industry’s top nail magazines

“Scratch” encourages learners and professionals alike to see how far they can go by submitting work they believe is worthy to grace the front cover of their magazine. This year’s theme was ‘Anything Goes’ and Samantha’s work was featured in the October issue along with other entries from around the world. The look she went for was raw and edgy.

“I wanted there to be a real urban feel to this look, almost as if my model was a wild animal,” said Samantha, “we shot on location in the Moss and I worked alongside professional photographer, Sue McGrane who is an ex student of
Yale College, and she took some amazing pictures. I knew instantly this was the one I wanted to enter”

Samantha worked on creating the spectacular look over the summer pre-preparing long stiletto nails that looked almost like claws. On the day the nails were applied together with make-up and uniquely styled hair to create a truly impressive show-stopper.

“It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it,” says Samantha “my model really evoked the wild animal image I was looking for whilst showing a glimmer of vulnerability.”

Gaining from the experience, Yale College learners will find out what it’s like to compete in December when they go up against each other in a nail enhancements and nail art competition to determine potential candidates for next year’s UK Skills competition. Using the animal imagery as to inspire them, Samantha is hoping they will go all out and take their own creativity to the next level for the competition with a fantasy theme. The group are already bouncing ideas off each other and another exciting competition is predicted.

For further information about learning opportunities or offering placement opportunities for learners in 2012-13, telephone Yale College on 01978 311794 or visit www.yale-wrexham.ac.uk

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