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New Wynnstay Substation to bring “Vitality” to Town Centre

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Jun 10th, 2012.

Whilst doing our usual trawls of the council website we noticed a planning application to place a new substation at the back of the Wynnstay carpark. Scottish Power Manweb say they have identified a need to establish a new 11kV substation in the High St area to ‘reinforce the 11kV networking in the area’. The application states that the current substation is in a shop basement and needs replacing.

Scottish Power Manweb also claim on page 4 of the Design & Access statement that the substation will “contribute towards the vitality of the town centre” via the power of , er, power however no explanation of how this will occur is given.

The current substation in the Wynnstay carpark would be removed and replaced with this new building.

We have recently been told of the story of a Royal Observation Corp post that used to be in a similar spot during the second world war. Apparently the location was key as the Wynnstay was the only place with a full telephone capabilities, so if anything untoward was seen a report to the regional HQ could be made promptly!

Wrexham Council’s planning department site can be found here , or if you know of other boring-yet-essential buildings that add ‘vitality’ to the town let us know!

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