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Wrexham’s Mobile Network Issues Continue

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jul 14th, 2014.

The ongoing mystery of Wrexham’s mobile network issues continued yesterday, with Wrexham MP Ian Lucas asking EE to investigate the problem.

Mobile network coverage in Wrexham has been an ongoing issue for several months, with Wrexham.com first reporting on the issue back in May. While many mobile users have been in touch to tell us about their signal issues, arguably the network that the majority of people have been struggling with is EE.

We contacted EE in both May and June and were told that there had been an issue with a mast in the area but the issue had been solved. However many EE users have found there has been little to no improvement with their network coverage in the town.

Now Wrexham MP, Ian Lucas has asked for EE to investigate the ongoing issue. Tweeting on July 13th, Mr Lucas wrote: “There appears to be a major problem in @wrexham for EE 3G reception. Can you please investigate?”

The tweet has since been retweeted 11 times and ‘favourited’ seven times.

A number of people have since replied to the tweet commenting on their issues with EE. Mark Butler tweeted: “Be prepared to hear they’ve fixed the problem and it still not work. Or be told there is no problem, it’s your phone”

Rachel replied saying that she had been told a mast had been turned off and ‘people are being let out of their contracts because of it’. @Suuwassa tweeted: “The signal has been awful for months. Unusable at times. Not sure what I’m paying for.”

Areas outside the town centre have also been affected, with Steve saying he had struggled with a land line internet connection in Rhosddu with EE.

Earlier this morning Mr Lucas tweeted to say: “I have had an overwhelming response to my complaint about EE reception and have emailed and tweeted to try to make progress.”

EE did respond to some of the tweets online, asking one person to DM their postcode to chase up the issues and offering help to Steve with his home broadband.

The subject has also come under scrutiny on our forums, with some EE users saying they have cancelled their contract as a result of the lack of signal in the area. You can read the full thread and post your responses on our forums here. However for now, it would appear the mystery over mobile network coverage in Wrexham remains.

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