Wrexham.com’s Ads Go Live – Local & Honest

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Jul 3rd, 2012.

You might have noticed a new addition to our site since early Sunday morning – we have advertisers!

Rather than the usual internet fare of google adverts & fake ‘articles’ (more on those soon!) we are hoping that we will offer our readers things that are locally relevant.

We want to say thank you to the advertisers who are, and will be supporting us as we build towards our sustainability as a business. We are aiming to keep our running costs low, but the quality high! Our ads are pretty unique as they are on every page of the site, so none of this newspaper or magazine lark where you pay for an advert and its on page 32 of one edition – its on Wrexham.com for a month – simple. This enables us to offer very competitive ad rates while at the same time ensuring (*touches all wood in reach*) we will be about for years to come.

One thing we are very keen on is ensuring our news stories don’t get affected by any advertising, because of this we have our Disclosure Statement. This will be mentioned and linked to whenever we write about someone who advertises us. We have also made it clear that advertisers hold no sway over our output.

We have been asked, so would also like to make it clear we do not and will never do ‘paid tweets’ , if we tweet about Try Thai a lot it’s because we are often there, likewise Wrexham Lager, we drink it and love it!

If you are reading this and think you or someone you know may wish to advertise then we would like to invite you to have a read of our ad pages here.

If you are a charity or community group, we have an info page for you as we do cover those for free – likewise if you are starting up a business get in touch as we want to encourage business in the area!

We are always open to feedback, so please get in touch or post in the Wrexham.com forums to leave us comments.

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