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Wrexham.com Q&A With Inspector Wycherley

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Feb 18th, 2014.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be hosting a Question and Answer / webchat with North Wales Police.

On Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, Inspector Paul Wycherley from Wrexham Police Station will be taking part in a Question and answer session on our forums.

The web chat will start at 2pm where Inspector Wycherley will answer pre-submitted questions, which can be posted on our forums, or you can email them over to news@wrexham.com.

From 3pm you can submit your questions live on the forum for an hour. (However this could start earlier depending on the number of pre submitted questions!)

On the day you can post questions on the forum, so if not already a member we recommend joining beforehand. You can also email questions to the email address listed above, or tweet us on @wrexham.

This is your chance to put your question about crime in Wrexham to Inspector Wycherley.

This will be run with the usual ethos of our forums, so please make your contributions with the usual decorum.

There is no guarantee all questions will be answered, however we will do our best.

This is a bit of an experiment for us as it’s the first web chat / Q&A session we have hosted. If it’s successful, hopefully we can host more. We’ve already had some interest from some outside parties who would be interested in taking part.

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