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Wrexham Sees 29.5% Euro Election Turnout

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, May 23rd, 2014.

Wrexham Council today announced the turnout in yesterday’s European Elections was 29.5% of registered voters.

We are told that the number of registered voters in Wrexham is just over 100,000 people, meaning 29.5% represents 29,626 people. Below shows the number of registered voters compared to the overall population – stated as 134,800 in the 2011 census.


The proportion of registered voters who did turn out to vote is illustrated below:


A debate has occurred on Twitter and Facebook surrounding the lowish turnout, with some mentioning they were not aware of the elections taking place. We queried with the Council about promotion of the elections, and they said: “All election information is available on our website, including a full list of polling stations and information on how to vote http://www.wrexham.gov.uk/english/council/electoral/index.htm

“Notices posted on Guildhall, Poll cards were sent to all Registered electors indicating where and how to vote.

“Information and signage was clearly displayed at all polling stations. All the people manning the stations are on hand to help people who have any issues.

“Even your good selves issued our press release back in January – http://www.wrexham.com/news/reminder-to-register-to-vote-40371.html “.

It appears that there is a large proportion of registered voters around the Wrexham area, however for whatever reason many have chosen not to exercise their voting power.

Wales overall had a turnout of 32% , with the Isle of Anglesey being highest with 38% and Merthyr Tydfill and Blaenau Gwent tying with the lowest of just 27%.

The full European Election results will be made public on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled to Wrexham.com !

We did conduct a straw poll with an entirely unscientific prediction made as a result – you can view that and our live blog style coverage of yesterdays election by clicking here….

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