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Wrexham Receives ‘Working to Become Dementia Friendly’ Status

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Apr 28th, 2017.

Wrexham has been awarded ‘Working to Become Dementia Friendly’ status by The Alzheimer’s Society.

Dementia Friendly Wrexham received confirmation of the achievement, following the submission of their strategy to make Wrexham a Dementia Friendly Community.

The community project was set up earlier this year by a group of volunteers from Wrexham, with the primary purpose of making Wrexham Borough a Dementia Friendly Community.

Since setting up the group in early January 2017, an array of events and awareness sessions have taken place across the county with well over 200 ‘Dementia Friends’ being created.

Norah Lucas, Chair of Dementia Friendly Wrexham Association, said: “Speaking personally, we have a family member with dementia, so we know just how hard it can be at times and the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends Project has been a huge help.

“The message from the Alzheimer’s Society is that people can still live well with dementia, provided they have the right support and understanding from their community. 90% of people diagnosed with dementia live in their own homes, and are out and about in our community.

“Everyone who deals with the public will also be coming across people living with dementia. People with dementia should be able to enjoy doing all the normal things they want to do- like going shopping, having coffee, going to the football, getting their hair done.

“The Dementia Friends project helps by raising awareness, tackling the stigma and letting everyone in our community know a few simple things that can make life easier. We are very proud to be following the lead of Wrexham FC in gaining this award. The club was the first in Wales to do so and now the rest of Wrexham is getting on board too.

“Our group is also letting people know about the range of support and facilities available in Wrexham for people living with dementia and their families.”

If anyone would like to contact the Dementia Friendly Wrexham Association, please email dementiafriendlywrexham@outlook.com.

Anyone wishing to find out more about Working to become a Dementia Friendly Community or Organisation please contact Jo Lane, Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Society on 01352 700486 or jo.lane@alzheimers.org.uk.

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