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Wrexham Ranked in Top 10 University Towns For Vibrant Social Scene

Students looking for the best social life should considering studying in Wrexham, according to a new survey which has ranked the town in the UK’s top 10 for its social scene.

Wrexham is listed as eighth in the 2017 UK University Town and City Social Life League Table, published by globehunters.com.

The survey ranks each town or city in the UK which has at least one university based on six key areas – student population, nightlife, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres and theatres.

Along with its overall top 10 ranking, Wrexham was placed second for shopping centres and in the top 20 for theatres and its nightlife.

Professor Maria Hinfelaar, Vice-Chancellor of Wrexham Glyndwr University, said: “University life is not just about studying, it’s important for students to have options away from the lecture theatre to relax and socialise.

“Wrexham has everything you’d expect of a modern, vibrant town which is growing alongside the university.”

More than 70 towns and cities are featured in the Globehunters guide, which used data from Tripadvisor, Yell.com and Wikipedia to carry out the research.

A spokesperson for Globehunters said: “Of course, the main decision on where to attend should always be based upon the academics, but there’s no denying the importance of a great night out every once in a while.

“We realised that after academic performance, one of the most important reasons potential students decided on one university location over another is because of its social offerings.
“Wrexham performed particularly well in the Shopping and Theatres tables, which is great news for the town.”

The Globehunters survey comes just weeks after Wrexham was named as the happiest town to live in Wales and second happiest in the UK.

The town ranked in the top 10 of every category the Unbroken Britain report by Provident Personal Credit.

2,642 people were asked to rank aspects of life in their community on a scale of 1-10, with Wrexham placed second behind Worcester for ‘Happiness.’

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