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Wrexham Protest At 1000 Day Detention Without Trial For Bradley Manning

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Feb 24th, 2013.

Yesterday, Saturday 23rd February, Bradley Manning supporters around the world protested the continued detention of Welsh-American whistleblower Bradley Manning, who has now been held by the US for 1000 days without trial.

On Saturday morning banners, posters and placards were displayed in Queens Square, Wrexham and hundreds of postcards were handed out by local supporters.

Wrexham Bradley Manning supporter Genny Bove said “The public response on this occasion was very positive. It was encouraging that most people were broadly aware of Bradley Manning’s actions, the charges against him, his mistreatment and his Welsh connections. Many wanted to find out more and some signed up to the WISE Up solidarity network that has been standing in solidarity with Brad in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England”

Bradley Manning is accused of leaking the Collateral Murder footage. This is the video and audio taken from a US helicopter gunship during an attack on civilians including two Reuters journalists in Baghdad in 2007 and further attack on a family that came to the aid of the injured in which a father was killed and his two children seriously wounded. The video was not classified as secret but had been suppressed by the US military.

Protest signs were attached to lampposts around town.

Protest signs were attached to lampposts around town.

Genny Bove said “Manning is also accused of giving WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of documents that evidence the reality of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, expose government lies and reveal the extent and the real nature of US intervention around the world. Contrary to accusations, there is no evidence of anyone being physically harmed as a result of the leaks, while those leaks show us some of the facts about the hundreds of thousands of people who have been maimed, traumatised or killed through military intervention including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some incidents are clearly war crimes that have gone unpunished while Bradley Manning has been deprived of his liberty for 1000 days and suffered torture for revealing them.”

“Bradley Manning is facing 22 charges including ‘aiding the enemy’ which can carry the death penalty, although prosecutors have said they are seeking a sentence of life without parole. A hearing in December examined the treatment of Bradley Manning in Quantico Marine Brig where he was held for nine months under conditions of torture. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, had already condemned his treatment over a period of 11 months in Kuwait and Quantico. Evidence presented in court clearly showed the extent of his mistreatment, yet the judge Denise Lind decided that if convicted, any sentence should be reduced by just 112 days. The outcome of another pre-trial hearing, in which the defence has called for all charges to be dropped for lack of a speedy trial, is expected this week.”

We previously reported last June on banners being hung from the Pandy A483 foot bridge protesting at the detention of Mr Manning.

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