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Wrexham Play Day Sees Great Turnout & Weather – Pics!

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Aug 6th, 2014.

Thousands of people, mainly children, are gathering in Wrexham town centre this afternoon for the Play Day.

The Council describes the event as “Aiming to promote the UNCRC Article 31, which states that children have a right to play. We will be supporting this right by providing a waterslide and other fun filled play opportunities.”

When we popped up earlier this afternoon we took a few pictures to illustrate the fun…



Above was the return of the scaffold jump, which was quite high for grown ups let alone children! Below shows the massive sand pit being enjoyed by the crowds:




One of the most fun to watch was the slippery slide along the Library Field (above), which was caked in suds and water while hoards of children zoomed along it. More sedate was the chalking taking place on Queens Sq (below) which was taking place on the paving slabs and the side of the van – some great messages written and lots of fun being had!




Temperatures are hitting about 21C and rain has held off with the odd cloud in the sky, meaning the ice cream van was doing a roaring trade. Elsewhere on Queens Square an informal volley ball competition was taking place:




The attendance and number of things to do appeared to be up on last year, with many families popping down with picnics or laden with lollies from Iceland!



The event was spread out around the back of the Guildhall more this time, with rope swings and balancing taking place behind Yurts.



The event is on until 4pm today so if you read this in time pop down as its fun, free and currently great weather!

EDIT: Too late – its all over for another year.

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