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Wrexham PCSOs Receive New Bikes

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Mar 25th, 2014.

Police bike patrols made their return in Wrexham town centre last week.

As part of an initiative between North Wales Police and their partners, 10 bikes have been provided for PCSOs in the town centre. The bikes themselves have been funded through partnerships with local businesses.

It is hoped the new bikes will increase the visibility of the PCSO presence in Wrexham.

Last week Inspector Paul Wycherley tweeted a picture of the new bikes (as shown above) saying that: “10 shiny new bikes delivered ready for use by PCSOs.”

Speaking to Wrexham.com, Sergeant Helen Douglas said: “It is a positive initiative, it makes PCSOs visible to the community and meet the community needs.

“The initiative is one that has been carried out across the force, it’s something to meet demand.”

Underneath is a photo tweeted by Inspector Wycherley of two of Wrexham’s PCSOs using their new bikes. Amusingly Inspector Wycherley later tweeted asking someone to dare him about Police ‘blues and twos’.



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