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Wrexham Named As One Of The UK’s Cheating ‘Hot Spots’ (Apparently)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Apr 7th, 2014.

Wrexham has been ranked in the top 50 of UK towns that apparently have the highest number of people having an affair.

Figures released by ‘Illicit Encounters’, the UKs ‘largest dating website for married people’ state that 498 people in Wrexham are involved in an extramarital affair.

This means that in a list of 140, Wrexham has scored position number 47 in the list of top UK towns for having an affair. However only towns with a population of over 50,000 are ranked in the list.

The figures have been revealed on the ‘Infidelity Index’ website, which maps out the cheating ‘hot spots’ of the UK. From this you can type in your postcode or town and the site maps out how many people are having an affair in your town and also in the surrounding areas.

In the UK the top 10 towns for having an affair are:

1. Maidenhead
2. Livingston
3. Farnborough
4. Loughborough
5. Bracknell
6. Gravesend
7. Beeston
8. Aldershot
9. Gosport
10. Taunton

In areas ‘near Wrexham’, Rhyl has been listed as the top for those having affairs, with a recording of 611. However Wrexham cheats are slightly lower than up in Deeside, where apparently 578 people are doing the dirty.

This isn’t the first time Wrexham’s ‘affairs’ have made the news, with it being locally reported last year that the town had been named as one of the UKs ‘dogging hotspots’. Amusingly our report on this story still gets a fair amount of page views. You can find our story here.

You can have a fiddle around with the Infidelity Index map / website here.


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