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Wrexham Man Climbs Snowdon In Welsh Thong – UPDATED With Vid

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jul 23rd, 2014.

A Wrexham man has raised £500 for charity after climbing Mount Snowdon in underwear.

UPDATE: This morning (Wednesday) a video has been released by the ever excellent Leighton Cox showing the trip, be warned it contains some , er, ‘bounce’:

Original story from yesterday…
Jon Jolley, 29, yesterday climbed the mountain wearing nothing more than a Welsh dragon thong.

Today’s climb came as a result of Jon losing a World Cup bet, having put money on Brazil to win the sporting event.

When the team were knocked out of the World Cup in a 7-1 defeat, Jon decided to climb the county’s largest mountain and raise money for Cancer Research.

The Facebook status that started it all...

The Facebook status that started it all…

Initially Jon set himself a target of £150, but has trounced that and has so far raised £500, with a total of 53 donations.

Writing on his JustGiving Page, Jon states: “Several weeks ago I stupidly made the statement if Brazil don’t win the World Cup, I will climb Snowdon in a thong.

“As you probably know by now Brazil were knocked out in the semi finals and now have no chance to win said World Cup.

“After sobbing uncontrollably for several hours, I realised that I could turn this situation around. By doing the climb for charity I can turn this negative into a positive and become the first man to climb the mountain in a thong (I think).

“By donating to my just giving page you will be safe in the knowledge that you are helping a great charity and will know that you are encouraging me to climb a mountain nearly naked, my already unimpressive manhood forced to fend for itself in that inhospitable environment.

“Regardless of the funds raised I will climb Snowdon wearing a thong, and definitely summit the mountain wearing only a thong. If I manage to raise my target of £150 pounds I will attempt to climb the entire mountain wearing only the thong (weather and laws permitting).”

Jon’s JustGiving Page can be found here.

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