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Escorts And Massage Parlours Named In Newspaper

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jan 31st, 2013.

Advertising boards outside newsagents around Wrexham yesterday read “DOGGING SEX SITES ALERT” , which one joker on twitter observed saying “Not sure if this is a news story or distasteful promotion from The Evening Leader”.

The boards were not censored and were viewable to old and young alike, plus tourists and other visitors to the town.

Yesterday’s Leader headline reads as pictured above, “Beauty Spots Named On ‘Dogging’ Sex Sites”, relaying apparent community concern on such news. The report is based off a new website created just two weeks ago which is merely a front end to another dating service website. Such sites are created with lots of duplicated content with certain words changed to make it appear locally relevant. Other quotes in the article are pulled from pages that are dated from as far back as 2005.

Specific spots were mentioned in the article, such as The Flash, and a car park in Coedpoeth. One up in arms outraged Wrexhamite  twitter user commented “On one hand, the Leader CONDEMNS the list of local dogging sites in Wrexham, while on the other it lists them on its own homepage. Arf.”

Ironically under a large title of “Great Days Out” on Page 37 of the same edition of the Leader there were ‘personal’ adverts, split into Escorts and Massage Parlours. The same adverts appear in today’s Leader as well.

Legal adverts for personal services and massage parlours in todays Leader

Legal adverts for personal services and massage parlours in the same edition of the Leader

‘Savannah’ encourages people to call an 01352 number to enquire on details for their ‘Dom Room’, whereas ‘Cleo’ says she is just five minutes away from Wrexham railway station. ‘Chesterfields’ gives an 01244 Chester number, and Fairyspells says they are in Wrexham.

Much like the research into the Leader’s dogging article a very simple Google search gives further details on several sites about these. One, Punternet, which describes itself as “The premier site for patrons and providers of adult personal services in the UK. This is the place to find service providers and to read and submit reviews” gives graphic details not just of the establishments but individual encounters and explicit services provided – between consenting adults.

Out of three adverts we compared to Punternet reports all had matching names and telephone numbers, with reports dating back several years so we are in no doubt they are the same places.

Some of the adverts appear to be for individuals, however others have different names and descriptions attached to their Punternet reports. One from Flint states they have ‘two ladies available every day’ and accompanying Punternet style reports indicate what services could be expected for the £40, a price indicated in one Leader advert for a ‘quality massage’.

Further to the adverts for business, out of thirteen adverts, four mention they are looking for new ‘staff’.

Labour MEP Mary Honeyball published a report last year into media sex ads. It states that in 2008 Newsquest media group banned all sex ads in its publications, and in 2010 the Metropolitan Police sent a letter to 170 editors of London newspapers making it clear the responsibility of newspaper editors to scrutinize the ways they publish advertisements so as to not unwittingly support either sex trafficking or the exploitation of prostitution.

Bryn Cefn Councillor Barbra Roxburgh provided a quote to the Leader on the dogging story and when we asked if she approved of Escort and Massage Parlour adverts in the same newspaper on the same day, she said “Well we live in a free country” however specified that she was not aware of the Leader adverts “I don’t read it so I don’t know”.



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