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Wrexham Leader & Daily Post Circulations Drop Again

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Mar 3rd, 2014.

The Leader newspaper has seen its circulation drop by nearly 5% in the latest set of industry figures released last week.

The figures released by ABC last week show that the Leader in Wrexham now has a circulation of 8,159 copies, a drop of 4.9% compared to the last dataset release. In Chester the Leader figures show sales of just 740 copies (not a typo).

Back in December we did the usual summary of the ABC figures, which back then had The Leader, Wrexham edition selling 8,581 copies and the Daily Post ‘East’ which is sold in Wrexham with 9,555 copies.

The drop for the Daily Post is a little less for the ‘East’ edition to 9,413 copies, a drop of 1.4%, after holding firm in the last reporting period.

The sample for the Daily Post covers December 30th 2013 to January 26th 2014 – Source PDF here.

The Leader sample size is larger, covering July 1st 2013 to 30th December 2013 – Source PDF here.

When we did our first round up of the ABC’s back in 2012 the Leader was selling 9,131 copies in Wrexham and is heading towards under the 8000 mark for the first time.

As promised we will try and give some Wrexham.com context although online to offline is very much an ‘apples and pears’ comparison.

Using the same period of the Leader (July-December) our directly independently measured Google Analytics stats 73% of our traffic was ‘returning’, so people who have read Wrexham.com before and have come back. We served 1,168,162 visitors 2,982,357 pages.

Although as we are a growing site so the numbers will be increasing, for the record the comparison against the previous period shows 53.21% increase in pageviews and 127.99% increase in time spent on Wrexham.com.

As we said in December we have embraced Google’s decision to allow live analytics to be queried via their API and taken the decision to publish these publicly on Wrexham.com . On the top right of these pages you will see the total number of pages viewed in the last 30 days as a rolling window. This figure will obviously go up and down depending on what has been going on in and around Wrexham as the ‘window’ moves forward.

At the footer of pages you will see that figure along with an ‘all time’ figure, from the very first day measurements began back on the 27th of January 2011 when the site had just 7 visits.

(As we are aware NWN Media read Wrexham.com, it could be worth you updating your ‘Media Pack’ with circulations – PDF here – as its source date is from 2011 !)

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