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Holt Road Incident

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Dec 1st, 2011.

News broke on Thursday evening of an incident around 6-6.30pm at a property on Holt Road possibly in the St Davids Court cul de sac. One person nearby said they heard “five loud bangs” and saw an ambulance close by shortly after.

Another eye witness said they saw a large amount of police cars pull up nearby before jumping over a hedge to into the garden at the back of the property. This was followed by 5 loud bangs, said to have sounded like gunshots, followed by a period of silence before an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Police were then said to have shone a torch between two upstairs windows for around 20 minutes shouting “armed police come out” before a scuffle took place in a bathroom.

Following this it seems police interest moved out of town. One Wrexham.com reader emailed in to say: “Saw 12 police cars racing down the Holt Road toward the Industrial Estate, I have now been told that some of them are armed police. The police helicopter has been out for an hour or so too.”

There have been other reports on the internet of large police activity in the area.

Earlier this evening the police helicopter was heard and seen overhead for a long period of time.

When asked for comment North Wales Police did not have a great deal of information on the incident, however released the following statement: “North Wales Police assisted Cheshire Police to carry out an investigation at a property near Holt Road in Wrexham.”

“Two police officers have suffered minor injuries after being bitten by a dog at the incident. A number of people have been arrested.”

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