News alyn-26th-september

With the rain finally ceasing we can give the grand total of what fell – 2.85 inches / 72.4mm !

There is still light showers due today however nothing of the intensity of the last two days. Due to ‘lag’ on rivers, where rainfall takes between 12-24 hours to get into them, its likely they will remain high for the rest of today and lowering tomorrow.

Above is a picture of the River Alyn taken at 11am this morning, much lower than the last two days.

Fields outside of Holt and Farndon are saturated looking like a mini-sea in the usual flood plain areas.

There is still an active flood warning for the lower Dee valley (click here for details) but its not been updated for two days.

Monday was the worst day in and around Wrexham, and we switched to Live Updates during the day – so you can see all the pictures, accounts and videos on our special report by clicking here.

Rainfall data is collected by our very own Wrexham Weather Station, providing unique data for you rather than the usual ‘wrexham’ data which is collected several miles away in Hawarden!

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