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Wrexham Election Poll: Lucas & Labour Lead – Many Still Undecided

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Apr 12th, 2015.

Yesterday evening Wrexham.com ran a snap ‘straw poll’ asking readers about their General Election voting intent and two other questions.

The poll results are detailed below, and show Ian Lucas of the Welsh Labour party in the lead, with Andrew Atkinson from the Welsh Conservative Party and Carrie Harper from Plaid Cymru in close second and third places.

We also presented options for those undecided and those not voting to indicate their preference with 9.2% ‘undecided but will vote’, and 1.7% of those polled saying they would not be voting. The former figure of undecided does perhaps indicate that Wrexham is still all to play for over the coming days!


The full results to the question “If the General Election was tomorrow who would you vote for?” were as follows:

  • Andrew Atkinson, Welsh Conservative Party 19.3%
  • Brian Edwards, Independent 0.3%
  • Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales 19%
  • Ian Lucas, Welsh Labour 28.2%
  • David Munnerly, Green Party 2.8%
  • Niall Plevin-Kelly, U K Independence Party 15.1%
  • Rob Walsh, Welsh Liberal Democrats 4.5%
  • Undecided but will vote 9.2 %
  • Will not vote 1.7%

We also asked…

Have you seen any candidate promotional material eg. posters, leaflets ?

82% of those polled said YES they had seen such promotional material.

We also asked…

Have you met one or more candidates yet?

65% of those polled said NO they had NOT met one or more candidates.

No doubt there will be many different readings of this data, and it is important to note it is a quick sample of readers and social media followers of Wrexham.com. It is entirely unscientific and conducted in a very straightforward manner online, so treat it accordingly!

Wrexham.com readers will of course note the candidate totals reading 100.1% , our method was Excel based totalling and using =ROUND to one decimal place.

Previously we conducted a straw poll for the recent European Elections prior to the vote, and released the results as the polls closed. You can review our coverage and the poll details here. The straw poll predicted a UKIP win that night, as we noted on the coverage, ‘it correctly predicted the local winner, and second place – but had the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru the wrong way around. The poll also had a larger gap than reality in between UKIP and Labour.’

Plus previously we have run informal polls about the impact of Police and Crime Commissioner elections here.

The above data is free to use by any individual or publication as long as there is a web link back to Wrexham.com , or similar credit if in print.

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