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Has Wrexham Council stopped cutting the grass?

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jun 18th, 2012.

Wrexhamite ‘Scootersharon’ started a thread on our forums entitled “Has Wrexham Council stopped cutting the grass?“, the answer it seems is no but the bad weather has hindered things.

She said “I am disgusted with the height of the grass growing in the green areas in Wrexham and surrounding area. It is over 3-4 foot high and can’t remember the last time I saw a workman cutting it. I know we have had some heavy rain to make it grow but haven’t seen it being cut this year in Acton, Rhosddu, Penymaes Ave, Brymbo, Tanyfron, etc.

There are several other posts on the thread, plus when we opened it for debate on our @wrexham twitter we had a few other stories sent in:

Elen Matthews told us “My aunt went to wrexham cemetery last weekend and the grass around the grave was almost knee high“. Kevin Roberts from Little Acton tweeted in to say although the green there had been cut it “looks like Stevie Wonder cut the green , shocking standard of work“.

Another let us know of letters that have recently been sent to council tenants, ironically requesting that they cut their lawns due to long grass.

Wrexham Council have been in touch over the tweets/forum posts saying “We are aware of the concerns being raised about the length of grass on the county borough’s verges. This has been caused by the very wet weather during the growing season which has hindered our normal grass cutting schedule. We are fully manned on this section and as long as the wet weather stays away we should catch up shortly.

So far this month our weather station has measured 3.7 inches of rain, and 13.9 inches this year so far.

Pictured is a view out of our office window of the bank below the Parish Church in Yorke St, which got strimmed just before the Olympic Torch came to town, and is very tidy. We even spotted a cat there earlier enjoying the sun!

To read the forum thread that triggered this, and to join in the debate with fellow wrexhamites click here to enter the Wrexham.com forum.

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