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Wrexham Council In Legal Row With Road Contractors

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Jul 11th, 2012.

Wrexham Council has sought legal advice after the company it contracts to carry out road maintenance tried to claim several years worth of overhead costs in one go.

In 2009 Wrexham Council awarded a five year contract for the town’s road maintenance to a single contractor Enterprise (AOL) who are based in Leyland, Lancashire.

According to the authority in January 2011, the council received an invoice from the company for additional overhead costs which they claimed were payable since the contract started in 2009.

Since January 2011 the contractor has claimed further additional overhead costs included in monthly invoices submitted to the council, however the authority has not paid them.

After seeking legal advice the council is now contesting the claim for additional overhead costs.

Wrexham.com uncovered the information held within a progress review of the highway maintenance contract.

We asked Wrexham Council for a further comment on the amount of money being claimed and what their current position was, however they told us “as this is a legal issue there’s no further comment at this time.”

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