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Wrexham Council have released their quarterly information of payments to suppliers over £500. We take a look at the highest and lowest payment figures of the last quarter.

In total the overall spending amounts to £41,999,770 and covers the time period from January through to March this year. The full list can be found on the Council’s website here, along with historic data dumps of similar information.

The largest individual line amount listed was to ‘Fairclough H Ltd’, for £617,628 with the description ‘New Welsh Medium School’. The entity ‘Fairclough H Ltd’ does not appear to exist, however there is Fairclough Homes Ltd who do large civil developments so we assume they are one and the same.

Another large amount is a total of £1,051,823 listed to “F C C WREXHAM P F I LTD”, again there is no exact match to this entity in Companies House. However, there are two similar named companies FCC WREXHAM PFI (PHASE II HOLDING) LIMITED and FCC WREXHAM PFI (PHASE II) LIMITED. Both are incorporated at the same time, and have the same directors. The payment description is stated as ‘Waste Disposal’.

Waste Disposal also cropped up with details of legal fees payable to Eversheds in Manchester, totaling just under £300,000 .

The lowest figure detailed is on a £8800 invoice, for one penny. It appears it is relating to groceries for Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.

Another low amount is part of what appears to be a £72,000 EDF electricity bill labelled ‘Redwither’, and has a line amount of 11p.

Trinity Mirror, publishers of the Daily Post (and others!) had £1200 for advertising the North Wales Adoption Service. NWN Media recieved £28,412 for various public notices & advertising and the like. The highest items relate to ’20mph speed limit’ We have previously written about the large bill statutory notices generate for Wrexham and other councils and it appears the spending pattern has not altered much. is not listed in this data, however ought to be in the next quarter which of course we we will detail.

Other listed payments that caught our eye include a payment to Bonhams for £2640 for professional fees relating to Wrexham Museum which we would assume is related to valuation, acquisition or similar. A payment of £495 was also made to the Association Of Town Centre Management, whos website can be found here.

A payment of £3570 was made to “Choose Life”, with the doubly mysterious description ‘miscellaneous general’. Similarly £4838 paid to ‘First Choice’ had no detail as it was redacted.

In total 355 payments had the description redacted, with the total value of £151,816 . The Council page states “In some circumstances we are unable to give full details of payments. Names of payment beneficiaries that might reveal sensitive personal information about individuals or children in the Council’s care have been removed.

The full list can be found on the Council’s website here, along with historic data dumps of similar information.