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Wrexham Bus Services – The Changes

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, May 8th, 2014.

With changes to the town’s transport services about to be enforced, we take a look at the ‘revised’ bus services in Wrexham.

On Tuesday Wrexham.com reported that Wrexham Independent Councillors had voiced their concerns following the cuts and alterations to Public Transport by Wrexham Council.

Since we published the article, a number of people have contacted us regarding how the changes to the bus services will affect them. Mike Rogers told us that ‘with the taxi bus scheme being scrapped, instead of £1.60 to get the shops now £15’. They added that they now do their shopping online.

Another person told us that the changes will ‘double their bus fair’, adding they will ‘have to pay the £19 for arriva ticket plus a weekly GHA ticket from Rhos to Wrexham’.

Listed below are the full changes to bus services in Wrexham and when they will be implemented. Unless otherwise noted the changes will come into place from 18th May.

Service 1 Wrexham- Chester (Arriva)
The Monday to Saturday timetable is unchanged, but the Sunday service frequency is reduced from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes during the day, with changes to departure times.

Services 2 & 2A Wrexham- Oswestry (Arriva Midlands)
An evening and Sunday service is introduced between Wrexham and Oswestry. This replaces the evening 2E service, provides a partial replacement for Sunday service 5A to Chirk and provides new links to Oswestry during these times.
From 22 April services 2 & 2A were rerouted to serve TESCO in Cefn Mawr and some 2C journeys were extended from Cefn Mawr to Chirk and Oswestry.

Service 2E Wrexham- Chirk (GHA)
This service will be withdrawn and replaced by evening service on service 2 (See above)

Services 3 & 4 Wrexham- Rhos- Penycae (Arriva/GHA)
The timetables for these services are unchanged, but the Sunday service will now be operated by GHA Coaches. The evening service will, in part, be operated commercially and as a result GHA will no longer be accepting other operator’s tickets on their evening journeys.

Services 5, 5A and 5C Wrexham – Llangollen (GHA) (25th May)
The Sunday service 5A will be withdrawn between Llangollen and Chirk (Service 2 provides a replacement Chirk to Wrexham link) but service 5C journeys will be extended to Llangollen to provide two buses per hour between Wrexham and Llangollen most of the day on Sundays. Some Sunday evening journeys will be withdrawn. There are also timing changes on some morning journeys Mondays to Saturdays.

Service 5M (early morning, Acrefair- Wrexham via Rhos) (GHA) (6 May)
This journey will operated commercially and consequently other operator’s tickets will no longer be accepted.

Service 7 Wrexham – Caia Park (Arriva)
Saturday morning journeys leaving Wrexham bus station at 0625 and 0710 will be withdrawn.

Service 11 Wrexham- Minera (GHA)
Two new early evening journeys will be introduced to replace this part of former services 141/142. These will be operated by GHA Coaches, leaving Wrexham Bus Station at 1930 and 2030, returning from Minera at 2005 and 2105. The 2030 departure from Wrexham Bus Station will extend to Bwlchgwyn and Gwynfryn. Combined with service X50 this will result in an almost hourly service from Wrexham Bus Station to Coedpoeth.

Service 13 Brymbo – Wrexham- Wrexham Industrial Estate (Arriva)
The section of route between Wrexham bus station and Wrexham Industrial Estate will be withdrawn. Service between these locations remains available via D Jones & Son service 13B, as well as GHA services 41, 42 and 43.
Service between Brymbo and Wrexham bus station is unchanged.

Service 17 Wrexham – Moss (GHA)
The timetable will be revised and the route will be changed to cover the Colliery Houses area Stansty Road), replacing the Town Link service to this area.

Service 23A Wrexham- Coed y Glyn (GHA)
This service will be withdrawn.

Service 32 Wrexham- Llay (Arriva)
The early Saturday morning journey at 0715 from Wrexham Bus Station to Llay and return will no longer operate.

Service 34 Wrexham- Trevalyn (GHA)
The timetable will be revised with some journeys (including those serving Darland School) being withdrawn.

Service 35A Wrexham- Borras Park (GHA)
This new service will be introduced, replacing the existing 44A service on Sundays and providing new Sunday service to Mile Barn Road, Birkdale Road, Holt Road and Dean Road. In Acton the service will operate via Oak Drive and Cilcen Grove between Chestnut Avenue and Chester Road, no longer using Central Avenue and Rhosnesni Lane. The changes are to make the service closer to the route of the daytime 35 service and to provide service to more areas.

Service 37 Wrexham – Caia Park (Arriva/GHA)
This Sunday only service will be operated by GHA Coaches instead of Arriva.

Services 41/41A Wrexham – Queensway – Wrexham Industrial Estate – Holt/Bangor on Dee
These evening services will replace the Wrexham Industrial Estate section of the 141/142 service on a slightly revised route and timetable. Service 41 will use the same route as service 141 in the Caia Park area, while service 41A will use the same route as service 142 in this area. Both services will serve Pentre Maelor, and there will be two journeys extended to Holt (via Wrexham Industrial estate) while two journeys will operate to Bangor on Dee. The last outbound journey will extend to Overton, this partly replaces a service 146 journey.
Towards Wrexham all journeys will start at or serve Wrexham Industrial Estate, with some journeys originating from Holt or Bangor on Dee.
The daytime 41 service is unchanged, with the exception of an additional journey operating from Wrexham Industrial Estate at 1742 replacing a current service 141 journey.

Service 44A Wrexham – Borras Park (GHA/Arriva)
The Sunday service will be replaced by service 35A (see above), while the evening service will be withdrawn due to low use.

Service 60 Llanarmon DC – Oswestry (GHA)
This service will be withdrawn, but connections to and from Oswestry and through fares will be available by connecting with Arriva Midlands services in Chirk.

Service 64 Llanarmon DC- Chirk- Llangollen (GHA/Bryn Melyn)
This service will be revised to operate approximately every two hours.

Service 65 Llanarmon DC – Wrexham (GHA/Bryn Melyn)
This service will be revised to operate school days only, with one journey in each direction. Connections to and from Wrexham at other times will be available through interchange in Chirk. Service will no longer be provided to Garth.

Service 146 Wrexham- Whitchurch (17 May)
The evening and Sunday journeys on this service will be withdrawn. However, partial replacement evening journeys for Bangor on Dee and Overton will be available on service 41/41A (see above)

Town Link (Pat’s Coaches/GHA)
This service will be withdrawn. Partial replacement for the Colliery Houses (Stansty Road) area will be available on service 17 (see above)

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