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Wrexham Authorities Launch Clampdown On Illegal Roadside Car Traders

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Jul 24th, 2012.

Wrexham Council has teamed up with North Wales Police to clamp down on car traders who offer their cars for sale at the side of the road.

Vehicles with for sale signs and usually a mobile phone number are frequently placed on residential streets and verges and appear to be private sellers.

Officers will be out and about in Wrexham’s communities over the coming weeks checking vehicle registrations and phone numbers. Notices will be placed on vehicles to alert roadside sellers that vehicles are being monitored and potential buyers of the possible consequences of purchasing cars from the roadside.

In the long term the council are hoping to introduce a by-law to prevent such roadside sales and protect the public from rogue car traders.

Whilst some of the car owners are legitimate private traders, in many cases the vehicles are owned by car traders who often use this method of selling to flout the law.

Traders who pose as private sellers are trying to evade their legal obligations – as when purchasing any goods from a private individual many of the contractual obligations associated with purchasing from a trader do not apply. On occasions substandard and non roadworthy vehicles have been sold to unsuspecting members of the public.

Anyone considering buying a car from the roadside is being told to ask themselves if the seller is a trader then why are they not declaring this on the advert and what would they do if they have a problem with the car? You may phone the seller on their mobile phone only to find that the number is now unobtainable.

Two local councillors whose wards have been affected by these traders are Cllr Brian Cameron of Whitegate and Cllr Phil Wynn of Brynyfynnon.

Both councillors welcomed the partnership approach and said: “We are pleased that something is being done to target these traders who are causing residents misery and potentially endangering people’s lives. We advise everyone to stay away from these car sales and to use reputable traders who comply with the law. ”

Anyone concerned that rogue car traders may be operating in their communities should contact 01978 298989

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