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Warning issued after scam callers target elderly residents in Acton and Rhosnesni

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Jul 21st, 2018.

A fresh warning has been issued by police following further reports of scam callers targeting elderly residents.

The latest series of hoax calls have seen thieves calling from abroad and pretending to be officials from Home Office Revenue and Customs.

During the call they demand money and threaten the residents with prosecution.

Inspector Victor Powell said: “In recent weeks we have had reports of residents aged between 76 and 85 in the Rhosneni and Acton areas receiving calls we believe are being made from Asia where they are told they owe HM Revenue and Customs money and that if they don’t supply bank details and pay, they will be prosecuted.

“Fortunately in all these incidents the residents have put the phone down on the fraudsters.

“I would remind the public that they should never give their bank details to anyone over the phone. Any legitimate agency would not ask for them in that way.

“I would also ask family and friends of vulnerable people to remind them not to give out such details and to simply put the phone down on such calls.”

Last week Wrexham.com reported that Trading Standards and police had also launched a crackdown on rogue traders operating across county borough after a number of residents were targeted by the scammers.

Advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of telephone fraud can be found here.

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