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Volunteers Tidy Rossett War Graves

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, May 24th, 2014.

A project that aims to catalogue and tidy up World War I graves across North Wales this week came to Rossett. 

Volunteers and participants of Change Step, an advice service for military veterans, will this year be taking part in ‘Remember our Heroes’, a scheme that aims to tidy up war graves across North Wales.

Earlier this week a team of volunteers tidied seven war graves in Rossett. Over the next 12 months, staff and volunteers will be tidying up around 3000 graves in the area, including graves in Buckley, Rhyl, Flint and Mochdre.


Change Step is a CAIS led and DACW managed peer mentoring and advice service. This service is for military veterans and others with post traumatic stress disorder and a range of psychosocial problems who want to make positive changes to their lives.

The service is delivered by veterans for veterans and aims to support those seeking help for problems encountered as a result of military or operational duty. The programme offers peer support, training opportunities and signposting to relevant health and welfare services.


Change Step offers a contact point for veterans, family members and carers, along with community-based peer mentoring scheme delivered by veterans for veteran.

Along with this, services including training opportunities, signposting to detoxification and rehabilitation programmes and signposting to mental health, well being and other appropriate services are also provided.


Since 2012 the peer mentoring scheme has held over 100 volunteering days across North Wales, including painting sessions, litter picks and garden projects.


A website is going to be set up so people can see where peoples graves are and what regiment the person served with.

For more information on Change Step Wales and how you can get involved then please visit their website www.changestepwales.co.uk or contact Change Step via email on ask@change-step.co.uk.

Alternatively you can follow Change Step on Twitter @ChangeStepWales.



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