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VIDEO: CCTV Of Distraction Theft In Wrexham Hairdressers

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Apr 6th, 2014.

An appeal for information has been launched after two men stole a mobile phone from a Wrexham hairdressers.

The appeal has been launched after a blue iPhone 5c was stolen from Fresh Hair Salon on Chester Street.

The theft took place on March the 12th, just before closing time. However Wrexham.com have been told that the salon had stayed open a little later that evening.

Since the incident took place, CCTV footage of two men entering the salon and distracting the receptionist has bee uploaded onto YouTube.

The footage was uploaded on March 17th and states: “Mobile Phone Thieves in Wrexham – At the moment Police is trying to locate the area where these men come from – if you have any information about them – let us know!”

Stylist Helen Mclaughlin told Wrexham.com: “The two men spoke to the receptionist and came in asking for a price list. They left and then around five minutes later they came back in with a magazine and distracted her.

“The police are aware of the incident, but do not think the two men are local. They do not think it is likely I will get the phone back.”

The CCTV of the theft is 51 seconds long and shows two men distract the reception before taking the iPhone from the desk.

A video of the incident can be found below:

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