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Valley ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ In Wrexham Council

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jun 27th, 2014.

Residents of the Ceiriog Valley unanimously passed a vote of no confidence into Wrexham Council last night in a public meeting.

The meeting itself had been organised to discuss irresponsible off-road users.

However the vote of no confidence in Wrexham Council came after it was reported that senior representatives refused to attend, claiming that they did not work after working hours.

Plaid Cymru branded the Council as irresponsible for refusing to attend.

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid Cymru Clwyd South spokesperson, who sat amongst the residents, said: “This shows the complete lack of respect that the council has towards the Ceiriog Valley. Over a hundred attended with genuine concerns. They should have been there to listen.

“Irresponsible off-road users damage by-roads, bridleways and footpaths which are used by all of the public.

“Wrexham Council should have attended to hear the experiences of those suffering. They have a responsibility to maintain these by-roads, bridleways and paths. The residents who were present were furious, and it was irresponsible of them not attending.”

The meeting agreed to contact the Chief Executive of the Council asking why they didn’t send a representative along before passing the vote of no confidence.

Mabon ap Gwynfor said: “The police have been cut to the bone, and unfortunately can’t be all places at the same time. In the current climate it’s of vital importance for these public bodies to work with each other to find a resolution. Without the local Authority on board it will be very difficult to sort this problem out.”

However Wrexham Council’s Lead Member for the Environment Councillor Ian Roberts disputed the version of events given by Plaid Cymru. He said: “I personally, as lead member, was not invited to the meeting and would have made every effort to attend had I been made aware of it. Regarding officers from the Environment department not attending, one officer was unable to attend because he was on duty and did not want to leave half way through a meeting.

“It was not appropriate for others to attend as their area of work was unaffected by the issues being discussed. Staff did bring the event organiser up to date on what they could and would do in order to help all partners to come to a suitable resolution in order to help those residents affected. Environment staff regularly work out of hours and are happy to do so.”

Councillor for Dyffryn Ceiriog / Ceiriog Valley ward, Barbara Roberts added: “I was at the meeting and there was no show of hands for a vote of no confidence. There is no such thing as a vote of confidence that I know of.”

Photo courtesy of Mabon ap Gwynfor.

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