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UK Heatwave Hits Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Jul 18th, 2014.

The UK Heatwave has hit Wrexham – with temperatures expected to reach highs of 26 degrees today. 

Temperatures across the country are forecast to be high today, with Wrexham set to hit highs later this afternoon.

Earlier this week the MET Office released a Heat Health Watch (Level 2) for parts of the country, stating: “There is a 60 % probability of heatwave conditions between 0800 on Friday and 0800 on Sunday in parts of England.”

“The highest temperatures are likely on Friday (good confidence) then a very humid night to follow. Heavy thunderstorms in eastern areas on Saturday will lead to slightly lower maximum temperatures, but it will still be very humid.

The MET Office states that at around 3pm temperatures will start to increase, before reaching highs of 26 degrees at around 4pm this afternoon.


The weather in Wrexham today is fairly muggy and cloudy, with showers forecast throughout the day. Humidity in the area was at its highest this morning, with the MET Office measuring it at 90%.

Across Wales tonight it is expected to be mostly dry at first, and feeling warm and humid. Thundery showers will then spread northwards after midnight, perhaps bringing torrential downpours, hail and frequent lightning to places. Minimum Temperature 16C.

However the weather is set to take a turn for the worst tomorrow, with the MET Office predicting heavy rainfall for the weekend. Most of the UK has a yellow weather warning in place for tomorrow – including Wrexham; with high levels of rainfall expected.

The unusually warm temperatures and possibility of thunderstorms are due to a ‘Spanish Plume’, where warm and humid air from Spain meets cooler air from the Atlantic.

Overall it’s set to be a very warm and humid few days, with the occassional shower. Meaning that the generic British Summer time ‘do I need shorts or  wellies?’ question is asked. The answer – take both.


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