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Two Separate Car Arsons Within Metres Of Each Other

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Feb 17th, 2017.

Fire crews attended two car fires this morning in the same area of Wrexham.

The first incident was called in at 5:03am this morning on Colwyn Road, Smithfield.

A fire crew from Wrexham was deployed, and one hose reel was used to put out the fire. The vehicle suffered rear damage, and smoke damage inside and is thought to have been deliberate.

The same crew then were sent from that incident around the corner to Wavell Road only a few meters away at 5:33am.

The vehicle in that incident suffered similar damage as the first, and is again believed to be deliberate.

Stacey sent us this picture of the crews working to put out the fire just after 5am, with Bethan sending us the top image at 5:19am.

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