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Trading Standards Issue Advice Following A Series Of Cold Callers In Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, May 30th, 2014.

Trading standards are issuing advice following scam phone calls to residents in Wrexham that claim there is a fault with their computers.

The scam starts with a phone call from a fraudster using the name of well known company, claiming there is a problem with your computer and remote access is needed to fix it. Once they get access to your computer, the fraudsters will request payment for work that has not been completed or they may even gain access to your personal bank account and withdraw money.

There have also been complaints regarding other scam telephone calls in Wrexham, including one caller who claimed to be a representative of a water company and asked for bank details.

Many people become the victims of fraudsters intent on conning them out of their cash. If you receive an unsolicited or unexpected telephone call, be on your guard as it may be a scam. Scams take many different forms but a common route which fraudsters use to contact victims is the cold telephone call.

Each year, many people fall victim to fraudsters – many operating from overseas – intent on stealing their personal and financial information and conning them out of their cash.

The fraudsters sound convincing, professional and may claim to represent a business you know, for example your bank or an official organisation.They may pressure you to act quickly, either because they want to trick you into believing you will miss a golden opportunity to make money or that you will suffer some sort of loss.

Never give personal or financial information out to anyone who cold calls you on the telephone. Be cautious and if in doubt, hang up.

For further advice please contact the Trading Standards Service on 01978 292045

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