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Town Centre Forum Round Up Report

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Apr 1st, 2014.

Early this morning the Town Centre Forum met at the Guildhall, here is our report with some updates on what is going on in & around the town.

Below are the bulletpoints overviews of information and things that were discussed this morning:

  • Wrexham has a new ‘temporary Inspector’ , Helen Douglas, who will be assisting current Inspector Paul Wycherley – who we conducted a live webchat with recently.
  • Following speculation on the future of the Memorial Hall the meeting was told by the Council that there are ‘no plans’ to close it. There is a workshop taking place this afternoon, that we dont think is open to the public, about the overall development of Wrexham.
  • Joe Bickerton, who is head of the ‘Destination Management’ of Wrexham gave detail to how their five year plan is progressing. Further information is likely to be public as a report is being made to a Council on year one progress.
    Work is revolving around developing the town centre as a ‘hub’, co-ordinating local B&B’s and business to take advantage of and encourage visitors. A ‘steering committee’ will be created to help ensure things are well managed.
  • The ‘Borderlands’ branding is being scrapped, so we will be in ‘North East Wales’ in terms of tourism. A new website is being developed and will highlight what families can do in the area.
  • The much debated coach drop off point in town seems to be on track to start soon, with a trial already taking place of the route with a (empty) bus. A tourist show was held at the NEC in Birmingham where the idea was floated with a decent reception from operators who perhaps have previously not felt welcome. Free lunch and coach cleaning seems to encourage the drivers to come here! It is believed the scheme will be at minimal cost to the Council.
    There is a further suggestion to help the markets , however opening times may need to extend to all of Wednesday where they currently close for the afternoon.
  • Following on from the markets a small update was given, with occupancy rates up and the Butchers Market ‘pretty full’.
  • The current disruption for works around Lambpit Street / Queens Square is due to continue for around ten more days.
  • As you may have seen the fair is back in town, and finishes on Saturday night.  A special promotion was mentioned for today – all rides £1 tonight!
  • Parking charges were again mentioned with concern raised about the costs, which was noted in the minutes for the last meeting, with a feeling that the Council may need to revisit the subject.
  • A representative from Barclays Bank also added that the town centre branch is due to reopen tomorrow and has been refurbished.
  • As a note we like the swishy new Star Trek doors at the Guildhall :)

The Town Centre Forum generally meets every first Tuesday of the month at the Guildhall, alternating between an early (08:30) meeting and afternoon (4pm) meeting time.


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