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Tiny Tim Looks For New Home

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jan 13th, 2014.

A young pig that was found in Llay woodlands last month is to be found a new home after attempts to reunite him with his original owner have been unsuccessful.

Tiny Tim has been in Council accommodation since 20th December when he was found by a local dog walker who realised he was lost and contacted Animal Health Officers at Wrexham Council.

When no-one reported him missing the Council turned to social media and local press to try and locate the owner and even though the message went across the UK, reuniting Tiny with his rightful owner was not possible.

The Council had until the 10 January to reunite him before a new home could be sought and this deadline has now passed and the process of rehoming him has begun.

Steve Jennings, Animal Health Enforcement Officer, said: “Following the campaign to find Tiny Tim’s rightful owner we received many kind offers of help, including several who offered to take him in if the owner could not be found.

“We had to make sure that he was being homed in a suitable environment where his needs could be met – we are still not totally sure of his breed or how big he will grow – and this has influenced where he is to be rehomed.”

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