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Second Wrexham Sheep Stolen in 24 Hours & A Third Damaged

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Sep 14th, 2015.

A second of Wrexham’s popular ornamental sheep has been stolen overnight – with a third damaged.

Sadly it has been reported this morning that a second Tour of Britain sheep has been stolen overnight, with a third of the ornamental sheep also left vandalised.

The ‘Wrexham Sheep’ had been installed at St Giles Way to celebrate the Tour of Britain’s arrival to the town – with local school children designing and naming the fibreglass sheep to commemorate the occasion.

However a second of the sheep has been stolen overnight – as pictured above by Adam this morning.

Further to this morning’s news the remaining flock have said: “Sad to report that Doris has been stolen (again) along with Blessing having been damaged badly guys.

“As a result, we’re all on the move today to a safe haven where Blessing can get some TLC and we can all hope that Champion & Doris are found safely. It was great watching the Tour of Britain from our hillside, but we’ll have to find pastures new now.

“We’ve come to love this town and some local businesses save even invited more of our friends – so we’ll need to ensure that our new home is somewhere where you can still see us, but away from any danger.

“Meanwhile, please let us know if Champion & Doris are found as they’re bound to still be in local area. Thanks everyone!”

Wrexham.com is told North Wales Police are being contacted and CCTV will be examined.

The Wrexham Sheep twitter said the theft of ‘Champion’ yesterday was  ‘unbelievable’ and requested help, saying: ‘Please help find her guys!’, and we are awaiting the reaction to two thefts in 24 hours, plus the damaged to the other.

“All jokes aside guys, a lot of school & community time has gone into making us look so good – so please help find Champion quickly!”

Rebecca took the below picture this morning, with two missing and the damaged sheep appearing to be righted.


Late last night an update was posted saying “no sign of Champion yet,we’re looking out for each other tonight. If you know anything PLEASE report it!”

Just over an hour later Wrexham.com was told that another had gone missing.

The Wrexham Sheep Twitter account has since messaged us to say: “Gutted to wake up to this news. Will get WCBC to move the rest today as these idiots will no doubt be back. Someone must have seen something driving past.

“Real blow to trying to achieve something that many cities & towns have done so well. Sad thing is that many businesses have ordered some more of our friends – still want this to go ahead, but at least this’ll be on private land / premises as part of a trail.

“Will get more info today & really hope these idiots are caught and dealt with. It’s more than just vandalism, it’s a real blow to the perception of our wonderful town too.”

The sheep are pictured below, in full flock on Saturday prior to the two being stolen: wrexham-sheep-weekend

The latest theft is the third time the sheep have been subject to local idiots, with yesterday’s theft occurring two weeks after the first sheep was stolen. After the first theft extra bolts were added to secure the sheep, and we are told a fair bit of effort would have been required to remove one.

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