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Theft Of Garden Ornaments Overnight

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jun 19th, 2014.

An appeal for information has been launched following yet another theft of garden ornaments this week.

This morning we were contacted by the owner of two oriental buddhist figure ornaments, who told us they had been stolen from Park Avenue between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The ornaments are half metre tall in size.

The owner of the stolen ornaments told us that he reported the incident at 7am this morning, but was told that officers wouldn’t be able to take a witness statement from him until Sunday.

We’ve since spoken to Inspector Paul Wycherley and queried the length of time between the theft and the witness statement. Inspector Wycherley said: “When this gent called in we offered him an appointment – the next one available being Sunday. In actual fact that is clearly a mistake on our part and I have an officer on the way there now.”

Anyone with any further information on the theft of the garden ornaments from Park Avenue is advised to call 101 referencing R092053.

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in the number of garden item thefts in Wrexham.

Yesterday Inspector Wycherely took part in a Question and Answer session on our forums. One of the questions asked during the web chat was: “There seems to be lots of plants and hanging baskets being nicked – what is going on?”

In response to the question, Inspector Wycherley said: “We always see a rise in thefts of garden items (including plants) in the summertime but this year the increase has been larger than usual. Two police operations are in place to address this issue, and these operations are complimented by a community safety and crime prevention campaign.

“PCSOs are delivering ties to secure things like hanging baskets to their frames but I really need the help of the public here. If you are offered garden furniture please let us know.”


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