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Tesco Roundabout Rebranded As Dragon Roundabout

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 15th, 2012.

Earlier today we spotted workmen on the ‘Tesco Roundabout’ as its locally known, and a four legged frame appearing!

We have reported before about the possibility of a dragon appearing on the roundabout, and our most recent report from the Town Centre Forum (readable here) said “Progress was queried but there has been no progress’.”

As today looked like ‘progress’ with the initial plinth being constructed, we asked the council two questions, how much will it cost, and whats the point of it.

The Council speedily replied saying “The dragon sculpture has been donated by local firm Poplars Forge that makes sculptures for people’s gardens and other sites.”

We have found the constructor & donors website, with this sub page on it containing several dragons, which could give an indication to what it will look like.

In terms of what the point is, the Council told us “Having public works of art in Wrexham is great as it creates points of interest for people coming to the town centre and makes the town more interesting and exciting. It will also be nice to have a point of reference for people that don’t know the town to help them to navigate around the town.”

Therefore from today we will be referring to it as the Dragon Roundabout and not the Tesco Roundabout – hopefully it will catch on!

Two other nearby roundabouts look quite plain – so we are interested to hear suggestions for what beasts ought to be placed on those! Post up your best idea over in our forums – click here to see the thread…

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