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Stansty Tunnel Consultation Launches

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 22nd, 2012.

This morning the consultation for the one way system for the Stansty railway ‘tunnel’ launched – with an online survey that you can fill out.

We exclusively revealed to Wrexhamites that the trial is being aborted, however the consultation is going ahead so if you have any feedback now is the time to air it! The survey has several questions, and an area to give further comments.

The council’s page states “As promised, the Council is now undertaking consultation with residents, businesses, emergency services and other interested parties. The purpose of this consultation is to establish whether there is support for the widening of the existing footway and one-way traffic system on a permanent basis.”

Question 3 on the consultation asks “In your opinion, are the reported incidents and delays through Stansty Tunnel caused by driver error?” – a specific point that has been debated at length in the 144 (and counting) posts on the issue on this forum thread.

Picture from council site – without the changes one of these people would have to walk either ahead, or behind, the others!

The council’s page also states “The lack of width (Max 0.9m) creates an extremely uncomfortable and intimidating experience, particularly for those more vulnerable members of our society. Anyone with a pushchair or requiring the use of a wheelchair, mobility scooter or other walking aid has to wait for the tunnel to clear before they can proceed.”

We have been told that the width of the ‘walking facilities’ , or pavement as we like to call it, is possibly 20-30% too narrow compared to current guidelines.

You can view the council’s consultation page by clicking here , or go straight to the consultation survey by clicking here.

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