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St Mary’s Cathedral Club Call For New Members

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Oct 9th, 2012.

Emma Dallimore is campaigning to save a once thriving social club from closure – St Mary’s Cathedral Club on Regent Street.

Emma, who moved to Wrexham from her native tiny Scottish village, Brig-o-Turk, seven years ago is determined the club, which is used by a great many older people and pensioners, finds a way to attract new members. It’s also open to non members.

She said “It’s a great club and very popular with older people and pensioners. However, the once full membership has dwindled as time has gone on and now they are talking about bringing the shutters down permanently and closing the club. I just feel it would be a massive shame and a real loss to the town. The main room can seat 100 yet we are less than three-quarters full on Saturday’s now and only about a quarter full on Sunday evenings.”

“There is great entertainment on and we have darts, dominoes and snooker, which is free to play, on offer in the bar. The problem is not enough people know where we are and that they can become social club members.”

She added “I work behind the bar and have now volunteered to do the cleaning in a morning. I really think it would be a shame if the club was to close. Too many older people would miss out and lose the chance to socialise. What we need is to see a few younger people drop in and have a game of snooker. See if they like the place and then perhaps become members. That way we can increase the membership and hopefully keep the club going long into the future. If it was to close there would be nowhere for our older members to meet where they fell comfortable and safe.”

Phil Williams, is in his second stint as St Mary’s Cathedral Club Steward and agrees that unless membership increases the club’s future is bleak. He said “We are desperate for new members but not many people know where we are, that’s the problem. The club has actually been going since the 1950s and in the present building since the 70s. I first worked a steward between 1989 and 1996 and returned and began working as steward for a second time in 2003 and I am still here.”

“It’s such a shame that membership numbers have dwindled as we have such a lovely comfortable lounge, we have some excellent entertainment and there’s plenty of bar games from darts to snooker on offer in the bar.”

Phil, who hails from Ruabon, added “Emma is a star and, like myself, really wants to see the club thrive so older people have somewhere to go. I’d encourage anyone to pop in and have a look, it’s a great place to meet and a great place to socialise.”

For information about St Mary’s Cathedral Club call 01978 261387.

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