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UPDATED: Soil To Be Removed From Old Gas Site On Rivulet Road

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Oct 19th, 2012.

Removal of stockpiled soil excavated from around a former gasholder at the Wales & West Housing development site on Rivulet Road is to commence on Monday.

Update at the bottom of the article.

There is no detail if this is ‘contaminated material’ or uncontaminated, and the news we received just referred to soil with odour.

The work is expected to take up to 2 weeks. Contractors Anwyl Construction Ltd and Wrexham County Borough Council’s Public Protection Department have formally agreed odour management plans for the removal of a stockpile of soil. The stockpile has been covered with plastic sheets for the past couple of months following odour complaints from some local residents in August this year.

Anwyl Construction Ltd, has produced a strategy for removing all of this stockpiled material off site for disposal at a licensed landfill. The strategy has been agreed with Wrexham County Borough Council’s Public Protection Department and Anwyl Construction Ltd. Public Health Wales and the Health Protection Agency have also given it their support. The proposed measures for controlling odours during removal of the stockpile include the use of specialist equipment for neutralising the release of any odours and keeping the soil covered until it is being dug out for removal

An information newsletter has been delivered to residents and local business proprietors around the site to provide further details. Up to date information on the development of Kingsmills Road and Rivulet Road sites can be found on the Wales & West Housing blog site www.hightownflats.com. Updates will also be provided on information notice boards at the Rivulet Road site .

The HighTownFlats.com refers to ‘contaminated material’ – Wrexham.com has requested further details of the soil and what level, if any, of contaminants there are.

The following third party youtube video indicates a method used to protect the soil:

UPDATE: In response to our request for further information we are told:

“The stockpile of soil to be removed from the site does contain contaminants that are typical of a former gasworks site.

The types of contaminants are:

  • Metals and Inorganics
  • Speciated Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Total Petrol Hydrocarbons
  • Volatile organic Compounds
  • Ammonia and Ammoniacal Nitrogen

Everyone can be assured that all levels are safe and that the site will be continually monitored whilst the soil is removed. Odour control plans are in place although it is expected that there will be some odour released during the removal of the material this will not be on the levels experienced earlier this year which were particularly unpleasant.”


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