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Snow Comes To Wrexham

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Feb 10th, 2014.

Since 8am snow is falling in town affecting the transport network and peoples commutes. We are collating information, pics & forecasts.

Weather update for 1pm: Weather forecast is showing a mixture of rain and sleet, with some snow falling over higher areas. Generally in the town centre most of the snow has gone, but it is a bit slushy outside. Looks as though our brief Snowmageddon is over.

snow radar

Weather update for 11am: The weather radar image for the area is below, with predictions that the snow will turn to rain around 11:30am. Already the snow is starting to get a bit lighter as of 10:24am

snow radar

A483: Looking north of Wrexham the A483 and A55 is clear around the ‘Posthouse’ roundabout, with rain and spray being the only minor issue. There are patches of standing water in the usual places.

Heading South the fields and roads remain clear until the foot of Marford Hill where there is a visible line between the areas that have had snow and have not.

Cars heading north are caked in snow, and those heading south are a little over ambitious in their speeds in the slushy rainy weather.

Both lanes of the bypass are open and clear between Wrexham and Chester but speeds down to 50mph in parts.

TRAFFIC: A combination of roadworks and snow means that the A483 is at a standstill around Johnstown, with Sam saying “Tanyfron village roads now treacherous in a car.”

Cherie took this picture of the A483 as it approachs the roadworks.

Cherie took this picture of the A483 as it approachs the roadworks.

As of 09:25 we are told by Ann a “lorry jackknifed across both lanes at 483 slip road on B5426 Ruabon/Johnstown” and Rachel saying “Traffic backed up all the way down to Marchwiel from High Town/Matalan/Eagles Meadow area. Traffics not moving”. Robert says “Like Armageddon on Gatewen Rd. Crashed cars, bumped cars, abandoned cars”.

Phil says “Cars a lorry & buses stuck on Bryn Hedd Brynteg and on castle hill.”

For those north and east of Wrexham the situation seems different, with people from Rossett telling us there is at worst a ‘dusting’ of snow. One Wrexham.com’er on the Industrial Estate says “its like a different country, hardly any snow and the roads are wet but fine.”

Imogen sent us the following picture of the old Peppers nightclub, where a people carrier has crashed. Police are on the scene and directing traffic:

At 10:22am we have been told that the incident on Brook Street is causing traffic issues and long tailbacks.

At 09:48 North Wales Police issued guidance saying “Heavy snow falling in the Wrexham causing difficulties for motorists. Please drive with caution to suit the difficult conditions.”

This is the current live picture from our Yorke St office of the snow situation in the town centre:
 Webcams in Wrexham

We are collating your pictures and tweets – so please send us pics of the snow and information from your area to news@wrexham.com !

David at the Yale Business Village tells us “Snow coming down here in Yale Business Village this morning”.

The above picture is of Garden Village as of 08:45, with the below being a side street around the corner:

The entreprenuerial spirit is making the most, with the following picture send to us by Philip who sent the following picture of Brook Street saying “I just got in to work at Rollings Super Store. We are open and have snow shovels!”

Simon from The Bikeshed on Pen Y Bryn also got in touch to say they are down to their last 8 sledges for those who want to take advantage of the snow, or have a speedy trip down into town!

Ian emailed us the above picture from Hightown as of about 9am this morning.

Carl sent us the following picture of a beautiful if not chilly Glyn Ceiriog!
Glyn Ceiriog

Jenna has sent us this picture of Johnstown describing it as a ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Andrew is on the Glyndwr Uni campus off Mold Road, and sent this grim snap of the sports pitch that backs on to Crispin Lane:





Adam sent us this picture of St Giles in the snow, which looks a lot less cold and grim than other snow scenes this morning!

foundry snow

Actual Landscapes tweeted us this picture of the first snowball fight of the year – a future event for Wrexham’s Winter Olympics.

snowball fight


Andrea sent us this very chilly looking picture of the main field in Garden Village.

garden village snow













We are collating your pictures and tweets – so please send us pics of the snow and information from your area to news@wrexham.com !

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