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Friday: Snow in Wrexham results in 50+ schools closed, 4 inches forecast for Sunday

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Dec 8th, 2017.

Today saw the biggest snowfall in the area since 2013… here is our updates from just after 8am through to 10pm…

10pm We are wrapping up this update page after fifteen hours – thanks to you and the literal tens of thousands of people who have read this page today. A special thanks to all of you who have sent in pics / vids / tips / snippets of info via various means! Stay safe overnight and through tomorrow if you venture out.

We want to finish on this magical picture from Jamie Roberts of Sharon’s tree in Ruabon…

9:49pm Had several more black ice reports in, overnight temperatures are due to drop even further so if you are travelling tonight take care. Tomorrow morning is due to be 1C but feeling like -3C, with it due to stay cold all day. There could be some sleet and snow in the early morning, with the day then due to be clearer thereafter.

9:40pm Another dog in a coat enjoying the snow… this one even has dog wellies on!

9:21pm We mentioned the link earlier, but with questions over gritting there is the interactive map that shows the priority routes. There had been ongoing gritting with a new start at 3pm earlier today. You can check out the info and map on

9:05pm A few warnings about on black ice and dodgy roads out tonight – another saying the B&Q roundabout is slippy. Dave told us B&Q and Yale roundabouts ‘deadly’ adds “Warning stay off the roads at all costs it’s treacherous out no gritters been out and crash by Lidl Gwersyllt it’s black ice everywhere. Advise folks not to drive under any circumstances its terrible the melting snow has frozen.”

8:45pm Shannon has tweeted us to say “Crash at traffic lights by Lidl in Gwersyllt. Cars are currently blocking the turning for lower end of Gwersyllt”

8:31pm Thanks to Adam for sending us this dashcam clip from a crash earlier today in the Nant y Garth pass.

8pm The forecasty bits appear correct with things calming down – however what has fallen is freezing and is very crunchy underfoot.

People are still struggling around in the slippery conditions, with the morning likely to be much worse.

7:33pm Snow appears to have calmed down the for the rest of the night – however a lot more heading our way from the early hours of Sunday morning with an amber weather warning in place. Brr!

6:58pm Looking at the radar it appears that after the snow around 7:30pm-745pm we might dodge the rest that is coming in from the north! Then we are set for the odd flurry but nothing as serious as have seen today. The other news is temperatures are set to be 0C and feel like -4C with 25mph gusts floating about.

6:26pm Heavy traffic around Posthouse Roundabout due to the five vehicle collision – more information can be found on our separate report on our website here

6pm Further to the reported incident at the Posthouse, one report says around five cars could be involved – with the incident taking place on the eastbound A55 and thus the knock on affecting surrounding roads and the junction.

5:52pm ‘Standstill traffic’ by the Posthouse roundabout at the top end of the A483 – appears a collision has taken place, with varying descriptions of what has occurred so far.

5:46pm Anyone heading east on the A534 there are two bad bits of traffic by Clutton and by Bickerton – Tom has told us there is an incident involving a HGV near to Nantwich with the road blocked.

5:36pm With traffic in the area appearing to slowly cope with the conditions – there is another ace tweet to share – Sophie has made the most of the day…

5:31pm Dominic has told us: “Main road through Coedpoeth is clear but pavements lethal. What I cannot believe is that not one Coedpoeth high street business (that I could see) cleared in front of their premises.”

Matt has tweeted us to say: “So snowy up in Penycae, live at the top of a cul-de-sac hill and there’s an epic snow clearing operation by neighbours just to be able to get their cars back up to their driveways after work.”

5:23pm Sam has shared this picture from Nia giving further context to the community clear up picture posted on here just after 4pm. Sam said: “To be fair that road doesn’t need much snow on it and it’s a nightmare, pictures don’t show how steep it is, plus they all cleared it to help an ambulance that was stuck half way down.”

5:12pm We mentioned the pitch covers earlier – but Macclesfield Town have just updated with this, so any reds going… take care with your trip, and it seems like they are keen to get it on! For those not making the trip it is on the telly, so BT Sport or the pub… “Just a quick update on the pitch ahead of tomorrow’s game with @Wrexham_AFC. We’re monitoring the weather but there are no plans for a pitch inspection at the minute. Pitch perfectly playable at present and everybody very confident of no issues.”

5:03pm Perhaps indicative of the impact of the snow, with people working remote or able to take an early dart due to the weather – this is Regent Street looking out towards Mold Road. Usually five on a Friday this is chocka…

4:53pm A few asking on buses – this is the last update from Arriva earlier – and common question is if No1 Wrexham to from Chester is running, and it is.

Service 3/4 – currently not serving Rhos and Penycae
Service 7/8 – Currently not serving Caia Pk, Operating via Holt Rd,/Cefn Road/Queensway/Hightown/Wrexham
Service 10/11/11A/12/12A/14 – Currently terminating at The Roller Arms Public House
Service 26/27 – Currently not serving Leeswood

4:46pm We are strongly considering rebranding as ! Sian sent us this pic saying: “Here’s my pup Gelert enjoying his 1st snow, took me ages to get him back in the house 🤣”

Nathan sent us this of his dog also enjoying the white stuff…

Update 4:30pm Lovely sleet outside, and looking at the radar the snowfall is going to get a little heavier over the next couple of hours as a couple of bands pass over the area. For the first time purple has shown up on the system, which is ‘freezing rain’…

4:20pm Sunset was around fifteen minutes ago and we are heading into the normal rush hour period – lots of exclamation marks and red warning signs on various monitoring systems, but all reporting slow traffic rather than incidents thankfully.

4:05pm Snow in the higher parts of Wrexham has been particularly bad today. Just been tweeted this pic by Caitlin of “community spirit” and people clearing the roads in Penycae.

4pm Leaving work soon? Aside from some traffic on the A483 northbound at Rossett and usual town centre traffic, roads are looking fairly clear at the moment. Spot any issues? Email them to or tweet @wrexham!

3:35pm Been a while since our last ‘dog enjoying snow’ pic :D

3:05pm Had a few more ‘snow measurement pics’. Pretty deep up in Brymbo and Penycae. Not so much in Holt…

2:45pm A few asking about traffic on the bypass towards Chirk. Answer? Very slow…

2:30pm We have our first snow measurement!

2:23pm 54 schools across Wrexham are now closed, so there are lots of students enjoying an early weekend and a snow day. Quite a few out and about sledging and making snowmen!

2:09pm Wrexham football club fanzine Fearless.Wales has tweeted some pics from up in Rhos / Penycae

2pm Still great news that there has been no serious incidents reported in the Wrexham area due to the weather. Looking at the radars there is on and off snowfall right through to early evening – with more predicted later on.

1:41pm Simon has sent us a couple of videos of efforts to get up Plas Madoc hill – with some people helping dig out cars:

1:30pm Wrexham Council have just updated to say: “Due to the snow, gritters will be out treating roads from 3pm, with continuous gritting throughout the following 24 hours. Motorists and road users are advised to please take care and be mindful of the condition of the roads”

1:25pm We have had an email pointing out that town centre snow clearing has been mentioned, offering this historical insight: “Back in the 1950s and early 1950s council workmen cleared areas such as Hope Street, Regent Street, Hight St and Henblas St with shovels and loaded the snow onto Bedford open backed tipper lorries. The loads of snow were transported down to the Gwenfro valley where it was deposited into the river.

“In Brook Street the snow was shovelled into the river through an opening in the road opposite the old Victoria Hall (Scotts). Workmen lifted the cover in the roadway and placed a safety fence around the ‘drop’ into to the river. The cover is still visible in the roadway today.

“Another site for disposing the loads of snow was off what is now St Giles Way. It was then Willow Road. The Borough workmen opened a pair of gates facing the River Gwenfro and tipped or shovelled the snow into the river. The gates for the opening can still be seen just a few yards up from the junction of St Giles Way and Salop Rd.”

Any other snow related history, pop it to the usual email address!

1:20pm Two more roads update via tweets… Thanks to Simon and Josh:

1:15pm Lovely picture of the road up Acrefair – thanks to Tamara for sharing this one.

1:09pm Conditions up in Penycae

1:03pm Feeling cold? This will warm you right up… Clare has shared this video of her pup enjoying snow for the first time!

12:58pm Wrexham Libraries have said due to the adverse weather conditions Cefn Mawr, Coedpoeth, Chirk, Rhos, Ruabon and Overton libraries will be closed all day.

12:45pm North Wales Police have said “Our Control Room are experiencing a high level of calls due to the adverse weather – please bear with us and only phone 999 if absolutely necessary” adding that people should keep an eye on the police social media for updates.

12:35pm Looking into this afternoon the radar images suggest the higher areas to the east of the town will have more heavy snow, with a band passing over the town centre for around 45 minutes from just after 1pm, with more later.

12:30pm This is a stunning shot…

12:26pm Jasmin has told us shes had 3-4 inches in Brymbo so far, sending us this pic:

12:20pm A picture from Llandegla this lunchtime…

12:15pm Number ticked up to 49 schools now closed or partially closed within Wrexham County Borough.

12:09pm Lead Councillor / Chirk Councillor Terry Evans gives some solid advice:

12:06pm Coleg Cambria have updated further so any students living in Wrexham but studying in Deeside or Northop, be aware all their sites are now closed to students.

11:59am That video has had some response from people higher up showing current situation there…

11:53am We are rugged up and in town, there are big flakes still falling but conditions down here are much nicer than on the higher ground. Some gratuitous sloooooow mooooo footage of snow falling:

11:42am As is now tradition, the Secondhand Shed at the top of Pen-y-Bryn has some sledges in stock. So you can walk up and buy one then slide back down the hill!

11:37am Just as we popped that gritting update on, Alison from Rhos sent us this picture of Market Street, pondering how long it will be before no one can get up there as cars are skidding while trying to get up Gutter Hill and passengers are walking off buses.

11:35am Wrexham Council have said: “Our gritters have been out since yesterday afternoon. Today they’re still out and ploughs are ready for action. Bins as usual today but we may have difficulties in some rural areas”

11:30am This is fairly typical of non-main roads that are a little higher up.

11:25am We are out having a nose around town, and Llwyn Isaf is looking very pretty in the snow.

11:21am As Gavin says: “People need to keep an eye on elderly neighbours and families with babies, make sure they are ok, look out for each other.”

11:15am Some good news, its going to get worse over the weekend! Amber warning now issued, which says “10 cm looks likely quite widely within the warning area, with 15-20 cm in places. There is increasing certainty in the track and location of the heaviest snow.”

The current map linked to that warning has us inside that range…

11:02am The Ponderosa Cafe has shared this picture on the Facebook page, showing the conditions up on the Horseshoe Pass. That road is unsurprisingly closed…!

11am Not all heroes wear capes, Luke has told us: “cheers to the legend in a red Mitsubishi who pulled me out the snow on Brymbo back roads! Hero!”

10:58am – Making the most of the snow…

10:56am For those in town, business as near usual!

10:53am A great snowman picture, with some PPE of course!

10:49am Official now from Coleg Cambria who have told us “We are closing our Yale, Bersham Road and Llysfasi sites at 11am today because of the weather”.

10:48 Arriva Buses have a service update as of now…

Service 3/4 – currently not serving Penycae, terminating at Market st
Service 7/8 – Currently not serving Caia Park, Operating via Holt Rd/ Cefn Road/ Queensway/ Hightown/ Wrexham
Service 10/11/11A – Currently not serving Adwy and Minera
Service 12/12A – Currently not serving Brymbro – Service 12 at 55 minutes past and service 12A at 31 minutes past will terminate at The Roller Arms Public House
Service 26/27 – Currently not serving Leeswood
Service 5 – Currently not serving Ruabon Railway station

10:44am Not going to pretend we are weather people, but the radar shows we are due to get some thick stuff now then more in about an hour!

10:36am Nathalie tells us “Two minor accidents on Ruthin Road Coedpoeth, Very slippery, Snow still coming down heavily.”

10:34am More flurries coming in… as Delyth shares this update with us:

10:32am Told that Coleg Cambria in town is sending students home and is effectively closed.

10:25am Another school closure, Brynteg CP is asking parents to pick their children up when they can. They also say “don’t panic we will keep your child in school until you are able to collect them”.

10:20am Bad news for all those in the mood for pizza this evening…

10:09am Another school update – Penygelli CP School in Coedpoeth say: “Continued snow seems to be set in for the day, as a result of the escalation in risk we are forced to close. Please collect pupils from now.”

Ysgol Ruabon is also closed today due to “insufficient staff cover” and “complications as a result of inclement weather.”

A statement posted on the Wrexham Council website reads: “We have decided to close the school due to dangerous driving conditions and slippery paths. Please collect your child as soon as possible, but staff will look after children until you can get to school.”

10:06am Snow starting to get a bit heavier again in Wrexham – two pics tweeted to us by Carolyn of Wrexham Glyndwr University showing the change of scene on the campus within an hour

9:55am Three more schools closed Penygelli , Hafod in Johnstown and St Chads – with the others monitoring conditions. Total of 24 schools closed / partially closed so far this morning before 10am.

9:50am An update from the Wrexham Rural police team

9:47am Tom has sent us this brief vid of Pant Hill in Rhos where cars are stuck at the bottom – and earlier a school bus was stuck at the top

9:40am No more schools have declared closures, with those open now monitoring conditions. Thankfully aside from a couple of minor bumps there does not seem to have been any serious incidents this morning due to the snowfall.

9:32am The wait time at the Maelor is ‘over four hours’ with 46 people queuing. Usually with poor weather demand rises, and the message usually is to choose carefully. Take care if out and about over the next few days so you are not another number in that line.

9:27am Great work this morning:

9:25am Looking ahead there is a spot of rain / sleet through the morning but then more snow this afternoon. Tonight temperatures will go below zero, meaning a freeze of whats left with more snow due tomorrow on top so be aware.

9:23am Video of conditions on the bypass earlier…

9:19am Cefn Mawr CP, Min y Ddol, I.D. Hooson in Rhos all join the closed school list. Many of the others staying open are advising parents to keep an eye out for updates.

9:16am Beca sent us this pic saying: “Honestly not worth driving in this! This was Afoneitha this morning and although it’s clear skies now it’s so dangerous!”

9:14am For those heading into town here is a quick snap from Mark

9:12am Ash has pointed us to his tweet and vid, with conditions in the Moss being like Siberia.

9:10am With a few flakes causing SNOWMAGEDDON CHAOS this morning, Scott has sent us this ace pic of the town’s Christmas tree on Queens Square being even more festive with a dusting of actual proper snow. Beautiful!

9:08am Arriva buses / trains both have not reported any service interruptions or issues so far that we can spot.

9:05am There is a number of people politly enquiring where the grit it – there is a map on the Council’s website that shows where and what gets done –

Ryan has tweeted us this selection of images from Hightown / Pen Y Bryn direction

Barker’s Lane CP and Bwlchgwyn join the schools closed list.

To see how the conditions have changed this is the view of Regent Street looking towards Mold Road / football ground direction. We posted a picture at 8:15am from this view as well if you want to compare below.

A view from Llandegla!

8:47am Acrefair, Bodhyfryd, Bro Alun, St Christophers have joined the list of closures – now 15 schools closed or partially closed. Most of the others are open and monitoring conditions

Jack has sent us this picture from Cefn Mawr – brr!

Sarah sent us this picture saying: “Road leading into Penycae. Back up of traffic. And a school bus stuck at the top of Pant Hill”

8:40am Penycae Primary says they are closed however add: “We remain open for the children who are here and those on their way. However it may be prudent to stay at home. Since 7.30 there has been very heavy snow. Copperas Hill is now dangerous. There has been one accident and many cars have needed assistance. Many staff are currently unable to get in. We will almost certainly close at lunchtime.”

8:39am Minera has said the school is closed, adding “Please collect any children from school asap”.

8:37am Alexandra CP is closed – “Due to the current snow fall and the weather forecast for this afternoon we are now closed”

Dawn tweeted us this video of the conditions in Coedpoeth

8:34 St Mary’s in Brymbo are also closed today “Sorry but the school will not be open today due to staff not being able to get to school.” That is seven so far closed today.

Pentre school in Chirk, and Grango in Rhos both have said they are closed today as well

8:29am St Josephs High School have said they are closed ‘due to the recent heavy snow’ .

8:22am Two more schools in Wrexham have just said they are closed today due to the weather – Holt CP and Froncysyllte CP. Froncysyllte says it is “Unfortunately due to worsening conditions it is necessary to close for the safety of pupils and staff.”

8:18am All schools aside from Garth CP appear open. Garth CP say they are closed as ‘black ice on hill, snowing heavily. staff unable to reach school.’

Good morning… below is the picture of Wrexham town centre as of 8:15 this morning:

A yellow weather warning for snow has been in place since just after midnight with temperatures just about struggling to stay above freezing overnight. The forecast had predicted heavy snow from 3am on, with it continuing on and off through to the afternoon with a freeze this evening as temperatures dip under zero.

Some promised snow has arrived – and here is a quick selection of some tweets we have been sent already and we are trying to get further detail on what impact the light flurries have had so far this morning – if any.

In March 2013 Wrexham had its last proper snowfall with schools closed, bus services were stopped and many a snow man was built – thankfully today does not seem to be lining up to anything near that, but if you are keen to relive the shivvers… you can see the Friday and Saturday articles on the links!

We will be updating this page with Wrexham Snow Updates – please email us on , tweet/DM @wrexham or post on the forums with updates and we will collate them on here!

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