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Sky News Helicopter Over Wrexham Explained

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Apr 10th, 2014.

This afternoon the Sky News helicopter was spotted in the skies of Wrexham, we have found out why!

As Wrexham.com readers will know we are keen with our LLPD Chopper* updates, however we were baffled today when we saw a helicopter zoom low over the town that we did not recognise.

Several people got in touch to say they thought it was a news helicopter, with more telling us it was branded as ‘Sky News’ after it steadied at a hover over Caia Park.

Usually Sky only roll out their air support when there is a large breaking news story, so we checked our usual sources, plus asking you if anyone knew what was occurring – the answer all round was no idea.

We then asked Sky directly, who kindly got in touch this afternoon to confirm that our eyes were not playing tricks and they were indeed filming over Wrexham today.

The nice bloke at Sky said “We’re putting together a report on solar energy which is due to run on Sunday.

“Fortunately, as you confirmed with the police, there was no major news event to trouble the good people of Wrexham”

So really there is no major news, which is great news!

Many thanks to Mark Rowe who sent us the best shot – out of many – of the whirlybird today!

UPDATE SUNDAY: This is the video that was being filmed, Wrexham bit starts 50 seconds in http://news.sky.com/story/1241638/solar-technology-could-power-the-world

(*The LLPD Chopper is a preferable name to the National Police Air Service Helicopter assigned for North Wales Police operations)

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