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Rhosnesni High School sends home pupils wearing ‘trainers or inappropriate skirts’ in ‘uncompromising’ uniform policy enforcement

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2018.

A school in Wrexham has today sent home a number of pupils after enforcing their dress code at the start of the new academic year.

The response has prompted some parents to claim the move was ‘ridiculous’, with varying numbers of between 60 to 80 pupils being reported as being told to go home with a large number being given advice on their uniforms, with several parents saying they believe around 200 pupils have been affected in some way in the enforcement action.

An ‘important’ statement was released earlier today by the school, written by the Headmaster Mr A Brant that reads: “In July, I wrote to all parents on two occasions clarifying expectations for uniform. Colleagues and I were pleased to see that the vast majority of our students arrived today looking exemplary. However, a number of students arrived wearing trainers or inappropriate skirts.”

“In my previous communications with parents, I made it absolutely clear that we would be respectful, yet uncompromising when enforcing our dress code in the new academic year, and before the Summer Holiday many parents contacted me to express their support for a more rigorous and consistent approach to standards at Ysgol Rhosnesni.”

“I am genuinely committed to making Rhosnesni the best school in North Wales and this will not happen without consistently high expectations for all students. It is encouraging that this ambitious vision is fully supported by the School Governing Body and the majority of parents and students.”

One parent told us their child ‘looked really smart’ going to school today, however was told there was an issue due to trousers not being made out of cotton.

Another told of how haircuts are also being monitored, with the parent pointing out it is ‘easy’ to get new shoes however it is not possible to re grow hair overnight.

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