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Residents Suffer Third Night Of Firework Explosions

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, May 2nd, 2014.

After a fireworks theft earlier this week, Wrexham has suffered third night of explosions, with many residents losing patience with the culprits. Last night was the third time this week that residents had been disrupted by fireworks being let off.

The fireworks were first heard going off just before 5am on Wednesday morning, when a number of people in Caia Park contacted Wrexham.com to say they had been woken up by a ‘firework display’ in the area.

Natalie told us that ‘Only in Wrexham can you get woken up by fireworks at 5am! May as well get up for work now, dog is running around scared to death!’, while Fiona said that at first she thought the noise was a dream.

On Wednesday morning Wrexham.com reported that a number of fireworks had been stolen from Bright Sparks’ storage containers on the Wrexham Industrial Estate. Police were alerted to the burglary at Ash Road North at 6.38 am.

In a message posted on Facebook, Bright Sparks are appealing for information after thousands of pounds worth of fireworks were stolen. It is understood that at least six containers were broken into and a quantity of fireworks was taken from one container, but it is not clear yet what, if anything, was stolen from the other containers.

North Wales Police have said they are ‘not ruling out a connection at this stage’.

It is not known exactly where the fireworks are being let off, however a number of people from Kingsley Circle, Caia Park, Rhosddu and Hightown have been in touch to say they have heard the fireworks going off the past few nights. Even people in Pandy and Little Acton have said they have heard them from their houses!

Deborah told us that a ‘mahoosive’ firework was let off behind The Venture in Caia Park yesterday afternoon. Patience for the fireworks and the culprits appears to be wearing thing amongst those who have endured a third night of the impromptu ‘displays’.

Jean tweeted Wrexham.com to say that the fireworks upset the pets, while another person said they need a slap around the heads.

Whereas Sal said: “Shame no one told us there would be another firework display this evening.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 with crime reference number R063447. Or you can contact Bright Sparks Fireworks Displays on 07922 542168.

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