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Residents Complain Of Alyn Waters Damage

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Aug 26th, 2013.

Residents have been in touch to tell us of damage in and around the east entrance to Alyn Waters, believed to be caused by travellers who have been living there for a week.

This afternoon Wrexham.com went to the site currently occupied by travellers, where we observed the badly damaged playing field. Deep tyre marks are visible cutting into the football pitches, with tracks heading from the site outwards to various parts of the park. While we were there a pick-up style truck was skidding its way across the field very quickly.

Rubbish that had been left in the last week appeared to have been cleaned up, however new mess has appeared.

The park itself seemed very quiet. We spotted three people in the park while we walked around and one family of four on the play area. Bearing in mind the lovely weather and it being a bank holiday Monday this did surprise us.

Broken slates on the path did not appear to be there earlier in the week.

Broken slates on the path did not appear to be there earlier in the week.

One resident called us to tell us that they had observed trees being cut down by the travellers last night. The resident asked: “With the trees being cut down does this point to them staying there longer?”

Last Friday Wrexham Council said they have served an instruction to the travellers on Alyn Waters directing them to leave. The information stated that if that was not followed then they would be applying for an injunction, however due to delays by other agencies this case has yet to be put together. We have queried which agencies are causing the delay however the Council did not wish to comment. You can read our report from Friday here.

There is a several page thread on this topic on our Wrexham forums here.

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